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29 Nisan 2019 / Pazartesi || Haberler'e Dön


Our school is an institution that cares about cooperation with school industry. As part of STEM Discovery Week 2019, we organized an event, “Science Center at Our School”with Feza Gürsey Science Center which is the first science center of Turkey. By interacting with administration of the Science Center, we have requested both for visiting the Science Center of our students and for coming to our school of the science center’s employee with an agreement.


About Feza Gürsey Science Centre

Feza Gürsey Science Center, which is founded in 23th April 1993 and which is named from Feza Gürsey who is recognized in the international scientific community and who has won several international awards, is the first science centre in Turkey. Also, it was established in line with the objectives of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality to contribute to education. The center, which is offered to people of all ages and from every profession, enthusiasts and researchers with its 50 sets of experimental sets, develops with new exhibition designs and welcomes visitors with the magnificent world of "Science Center" concept. Experiments in the light of the effects of electricity in our daily life, from the hot air balloon to gravity, perception and space concepts to experiment on many scientific and technical subjects to provide experiments, provides fun learning opportunities. In the center where all the experimental sets are placed at the disposal of the visitors, the guides help everyone friendly

The administration of the Science Center has accepted our request. We thanked Feza Gürsey Science Center for cooperation with us in school. We have visited the Science Center with 12 students on April 27th 2019. We have attended STEM workshops, followed experiments and shows curiously with our students. We have spent our day full of science.



                Trainers of the Science Center are going to come to our school on April, 30th 2019 and they are going to do four different STEM workshops for 85 students (…….. girls, …….. boys). Our teachers are going to observe these workshops. After this event, necessary information and photos will be uploaded on our webpage.


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